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How to configure NTLM for Crystal Reports Server/BusinessObjects Enterprise/Edge

Posted by Hemanta Banerjee on October 28, 2010

To simplify administration, BOE supports user and group accounts that are created using external directories such as LDAP, Active Directory and NT. In my previous post I had described the process for configuring LDAP authentication. Similar to setting up the authentication for LDAP the administrator needs to perform some basic setup to configure the server with the information needed to connect to the NTLM server.

Before I go to the setup needed in CMC, let me walk through some of the key concepts in a NTLM deployment. For my testing I am using the local windows users and groups. In order to make the administration simpler define a group in your NT server that will hold all the BOE users. I am calling it BOE_Users.


With that done now I can go to my CMC and enable NTLM authentication. The only difference between LDAP and NTLM is that in NT all I need to specify is the NT domain for user authentication.


For the meaning of the other settings please refer to the details on the LDAP post here. After selecting update the user and group will be added to the repository and now you can setup the access control for the user/group.


For details on how this works and how to enable the drop down allowing the user to select the authentication mode you can go to the LDAP posting. In a subsequent posting I will explain how to enable SSO and trusted authentication with NTLM which will allow the user to logon to Infoview without having to enter their user name and password.

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