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This blog is an effort by  Hemanta BanerjeeAnanth Sridharan and Rajat Rakesh to demystify the world of Business Intelligence.  We hope to post several articles over the next couple of months that can potentially serve as the starting point for anyone looking to use some of the Business Intelligence technologies available in the marketplace.

Having worked for over a decade each in the Business Intelligence/ Reporting/ Data Warehousing domain we have experienced most of the technologies prevelant today. For more details you can visit our linkedin public profiles.

We have been there, seen it and done it and along the way tested the boundries of of several leading technologies such as Essbase, Hyperion, OWB, Oracle Express, ODI, Oracle BIEE, BusinessObjects WEBI, XCelsius…….

The goal of this blog is to share what we know with the larger community. It is also a catalyst for us to pickup some of the newer technologies such as Open Source BI vendors such as Pentaho, SaaS to name just a few.

Please leave your feedback, comments and requests and we will focus our energies towards the areas in demand.

Thank you and Happy Browsing !!!

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Mike Quinn said


    I found your blog about setting up LDAP authentication with ApacheDirectory really useful. I’ve followed your blog and set up a similar scenario on my test servers. I loaded up the sevenSeas sample LDAP schema from ApacheDirectory. I’ve pretty much got it working but it seems a little flakey on the BOXI side. Sometimes allowing me to log in and sometimes throwing errors. I was wondering if there were any changes I needed to make to the attributes in the custom mappings when setting up LDAP authetication … or did you just go with the defaults.



  2. sreedhar said

    this blog is very useful. we are very thankful to you

  3. Hyzat Sattaur said

    Hello sir,
    I’m trying to let users login in InfoView with WindowsNT authentication, but I don’t get that option in the drop down list.
    I have Windows 2003 Server R2
    BO XI R2

    I hope you can answer my prayers.

    thank you.

  4. krishna said

    can you send me the batch file script for cleaning the log files on BO servers daily

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